Heart of the Matter

We produce and air “Heart of the Matter” live streaming every Tuesday Night (8-9pm MT), which goes straight to YouTube and is watched by thousands every week.

HOTM Archive

We have built an archive of over 500 hour long programs online at hotm.tv or youtube.com/hotmshow.


We hold weekly Sunday church services in Salt Lake City – called MILK and MEAT – and have to date gone verse by verse through Matthew, John and Acts (MILK) and Romans, Hebrews, James and 1st Peter (MEAT).

CAMPUS Archive

There are over 500 hour long verse by verse teachings through the Bible available online at campuschurch.tv and youtube.com/watchcampus.

Ministry Support

We rely unpon the financial support of people around the world who appreciate our efforts to reach out and share a clear vision of the Good News. If you would like more information on how you can support us and become a partner, visit our support page.